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The lifestyle financial planning conference


Paul Armson

Inspiring Advisers

Paul Armson became a financial adviser in 1982. He started delivering ‘Lifestyle’ Financial Planning to WOW his clients in 1990 and built a small fee-based financial planning practice, primarily focusing on small business owners and retirees.

After the sudden death of his Mum he vowed to make ‘Life’s Not A Rehearsal’ his mantra and live life accordingly. He semi-retired at the age of 45 to start sailing his yacht ‘Spellbound’ around the world with his soulmate, Lynn.

For the last eight years, when he’s not been sailing, he’s been helping other financial advisers successfully transition to a Lifestyle Financial Planning model.

Paul launched ‘Inspiring Advisers’ in 2013 – an online training programme to help more advisers successfully adopt a Lifestyle Financial Planning approach. It is now a fast growing community of Lifestyle Financial Planners from the UK and around the globe.

He is the author of three books, two for Advisers: ‘The Financial Advisers Survival Guide – How to Succeed and Prosper in a Fee Only World’ and ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Financial Planners – How to really matter in the lives of your clients’. His book ‘ENOUGH? How Much Money Do You Need For The Rest of Your Life?’ is aimed at consumers to help them understand – and reach out for – proper financial planning.

He is also the Founder of BACK2Y, the Lifestyle Financial Planning Conference which he supports without any sponsorship or backing from product providers or investment institutions. There are no free lunches. No free pens. No free golf balls. No free iPhone chargers. Paul believes that, in a fee only world, Advisers need to break the shackles of the financial industry and create a service proposition that does not rely on the sale or implementation of a financial product. They need to get ‘Back to Why’ they do the work they do – to take care of people and to help clients get and keep a great life. That service is proper financial planning.