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26th September 2019

Reflections on BACK2Y 2019

with founder Paul Armson and Mitch Anthony



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Please arrive early for registration and coffee and cakes. The Conference will start promptly at 9.45 am. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you arrive late you may not be able to enter the Conference and will miss the first sessions.

Your Welcome and Introduction to our MC for the day, Heather Wright of Advance Performance.

MATT ANDERSON - GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! (And become the Lifestyle Financial Planner you are really capable of becoming!)

Are highly successful lifestyle financial planners – the ones who have what you want - more intelligent than you? Harder working? Smarter? More ethical?


Deep down you know you’re capable of far more, so why don’t you ‘just do it’? While there are strategies and systems that can elevate your business significantly, in most cases the biggest obstacle is staring back at you in the mirror.

In this session, you will get:

*Practical tools to enjoy 1% growth per day and learn how to avoid the monumental pitfall that stops most people from making these changes and success habits last.

*Tangible action steps that you can put into action within 24 hours to start bridging the (often) rather large gap between what you know and what you actually do.

*Suggestions on things to experience and do after the conference that can make quite dramatic shifts for your internal sense of worthiness that you, your family and your clients will love.

*Focus by identifying your ‘one thing’ that must take precedence in your life right now.


A success story from Brazil! A market that had never heard about life centered financial planning.

If you could really focus on your client's best version and not be compensated by his/her investments, how would you make it profitable and enjoyable?

Andre will explain how his firm gets clients to sign up paying 3%-5% of their monthly income as a pure retainer fee.

Now LifePlanFP is approaching $10 MILLION in pure fee income. (not investment asset based!)

You'll learn about LifeFP’s story through the thoughtful narrative of its founder and CEO, Andre Novaes, CFP®.


  • The market may never be ready, and that’s a very positive thing!
  • How to sell the why;
  • From AuM to DuM (Dreams under Management);
  • From Fiduciary to Courage;
  • From Transparency to Clarity;
  • How to make life planning your life plan.
  • How to scale a life-centered practice with profit and sanity.
  • How to get clients to pay you pure fees - of 3-5% of their income (or a percentage of TOTAL assets) for managing their financial life plan.


A chance to stretch your legs and grab some refreshments.

Michiel Van Vugt – How to help clients make better decisions

Michiel is from the Netherlands and has been helping financial advisers for more than 15 years with their business. He is convinced that the future financial adviser will be someone who will use stories and metaphors to help their clients make better decisions regarding their finances and their lives - and how to help them stick to those decisions. For you this means less of the boring ‘third hat’ discussions and more communicating about behaviour.

During his presentation he will let you experience the way you make decisions, why you react the way you do and how you are able to help clients steer away from avoidable mistakes.

Be aware you will see some of these mistakes during his presentation and you will learn from these.


  • Why we cannot go without an adviser
  • How to help clients make better decisions
  • The adviser becomes a teacher
  • Experience your own behaviour

BRIAN HILL - Jones Hill

Don’t settle for credible, be incredible; how you can use science based interpersonal communication to supercharge your lifestyle financial planning.


  • 6 channels of how we communicate
    • Pragmatics – how language is used to change, persuade and challenge or even manipulate
    • Vocalics – how understanding and using tone, pace and volume avoids wrecking the fee discussion
    • Body Language – the communication giveaways that you’ve been missing
    • Micro Expressions – ‘lie to me’
    • Psychophysiology – your clients are emotional creatures; establishing base line without using a polygraph
    • Interactional Style – are you coming across evasive or contemplative, are you an interrogator or a detective?
  • What makes you credible as a lifestyle financial planner?
  • Credibility > Trust > Value > Engagement > Repeat


Enjoy networking with your peers and discussing the conference so far.

In this session BACK2Y Founder Paul Armson will be joined on stage by leading Lifestyle Financial Planners, including Andrew Moore of Goodmans FP, Neil Parker of Joslin Rhodes, and Richard Macmillan and Ian Robinson of Forbes Lawson. Paul will pose questions and tease out answers that you can use to your extreme advantage. They'll also talk about the mistakes they've made so you don't have to make those same mistakes thereby saving you months or even years of wasted effort.

We'll be covering:

- How to position your service proposition

- How to pitch your fees

- How to charge

- How to offer a service to a wide market, not just High Net Worth.

Plus lots more.

(Delegates will be provided with the opportunity to pose questions prior to the event).

A short break to stretch your legs and grab a tea or coffee.


The financial planning / financial services profession is being disrupted in multiple directions at once, and the professionals who anticipate the changes will be best positioned for success.  Bob Veres will offer tips on how to leapfrog the clutter and become an adviser of the future—today.

Attendees will come away with a variety of insights:

- How to shift the value proposition from investment management (which is being commoditized) to planning, and through planning to collaboration and experience.

- The very best collaborative planning process in the U.S. (and how to transform the initial client experience from something frequently compared with undergoing a root canal to an enjoyable process of self-discovery.

- How to market transformatively, by becoming an educational resource in your community, and by building a new, supportive community around your target clientele.

- How to adapt to the shift from face-to-face to face-to-screen client relationships, and how that will require advisory firms to create target niches and specialized client bases.



What is the most powerful force for connecting with your clients? It is the ability to have a defining conversation. Mitch Anthony will deliver the keys to becoming an effective conversationalist in an age that is obsessed with messaging, texting, and social media.  Mitch’s newest keynote will show you why it’s so important not to lose the human touch in conversations with clients and colleagues. In this ground-breaking keynote participant will learn:

  1. What/Who is a Client and what are the keys to engagement?
  2. What is the key conversational factor for forging connectivity with Clients in down markets?
  3. How to identify and establish genuine and significant POINTS OF CONTACT with each person you meet.
  4. What are the behaviours we must avoid to succeed in dialogue?
  5. What the one specific QUESTION is that will guarantee you success as the best professional your clients have ever met?

Mitch Anthony turned the financial services industry on its head by showing people how to become better communicators using analogies and probing questions, instead of product PowerPoint presentations, now shows advisers how to stand out as memorable and exceptional—by honing your ability to converse with clients in a more meaningful way.


Your MC, Heather Wright will bring the day to a close but not before helping you to make yourself accountable for the main action points that you will be taking away and implementing within the next month, next 3 months and next 12 months. Thereby making BACK2Y 2019 one of the most inspiring and valuable days of your career.

It's time to relax over a beer or two! This session provides the opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues and share ideas and observations about the day. Past delegates tell us that this (and the laid back evening dinner) is where BACK2Y provides that unique camaraderie that helps you realise you're not alone and that you only have to pick up the phone to share an idea or challenge with a like minded adviser you met at BACK2Y.

Mingling, Music and Munchies: A laid back 'Street Food Style' evening dinner is included in your ticket price providing a further opportunity to mingle with your peers over great nosh and a drink... or three.

NOTE: This is a laid back affair! No boring Awards or Speeches. No Celebs. No posh Frocks or Dinner Jackets necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: The Conference organisers reserve the right to change the programme and / or session timings.

"Back2Y is definitely worth the ticket price, and then some. It's really a meeting of minds, where the profession is pushed forward, for the benefit of our clients."

Pete Matthew CFP
Jacksons Wealth Management

"If you are ever contemplating why you do what you do and want to start putting your clients first, there is no better event to get you pumped up! Stop contemplating, get there and get involved before it's too late."

Dan Weston
Mathews Comfort Financial Services Ltd

"Absolutely worth the expense and taking the time out of the office! This is the third year I have attended and based on previous years I made the decision to bring every one of my Financial Planners (6 of us in total). We have all come away feeling inspired and motivated to make changes and improve our clients experience!"

Christopher Palmer
Hansford Bell

"A refreshingly different experience with a community of people who really care about making a difference in the lives of the people they serve."

Carol Dickens
New Vision Wealth Strategies Ltd

"Miss Back2Y at your peril! If you are yet to adopt 'lifestyle financial planning' as your default and only service proposition you will always be looking behind you waiting for the robo's to take away your business!"

John Surgenor
Barrington Hamilton

"In general, I don't enjoy attending conferences, but I love BACK2Y. I'll be one of the first to sign up next year because the content is always stimulating. Every year, I take away ideas which bring real change and improvement to my business. Clients benefit from improved service, and our culture develops."

Dan Woodruff CFP
Woodruff Financial Planning

"BACK2Y is a cleverly orchestrated cocktail of learning, inspiration and fun. It speaks to those who already "get it" and those who aspire to change. Go!"

Ruth Sturkey CFP
Client Director - Paradigm Norton

"The most influential professional event I've ever attended."

Kate Finlayson - Chartered Financial Planner
Chiene + Tait Financial Planning

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