The conference

Challenging the status quo

BACK2Y is an ‘Alternative’ Financial Planning Conference that is challenging the status quo of the Financial Services Industry. No sponsors. No product providers. No free ‘stuff’. No focus on investments or products. JUST PURE ‘LIFESTYLE’ FINANCIAL PLANNING: that’s financial planning with an end in mind. The ‘end’ is helping clients live a great life!

It’s about getting back on purpose. It’s about getting back to WHY?

Now, more than ever, in a world of increasingly explicit fees, you need to communicate and deliver your service convincingly – with absolute belief and integrity – and in a compelling manner. That needs a change of focus.


You need to focus on your clients and what THEY want. This means doing the opposite to what the ‘Industry’ wants. The ‘Industry’ wants you to keep focusing on products and investments. But, in a fee only world, that won’t work anymore. Now it’s all about delivering FANTASTIC outcomes to your clients.

BACK2Y is about getting re-inspired about what you can really do for your clients. It’s about getting back to basics; remembering that it’s your job to take care of people; to help clients GET and KEEP the life THEY want.


BACK2Y is also about YOU and YOUR FAMILY getting the life YOU want. It’s about re-connecting you with your purpose, YOUR WHY, the reason you chose your career in the first place. Above all it’s about making your service SHINE. Making your client feel they are the centre of your world. Making any prospect say “WOW! I want some!”

Let’s be honest

Product Providers and Investment Houses do not really want you to focus on your client. They want you to focus on your clients’ money. They still desperately want you to promote and distribute their products and investments. But the world has changed. Here’s the thing: THEY ARE NOT PAYING YOU ANYMORE. YOUR CLIENT IS.

No product providers

That’s why, at BACK2Y, there will be no product providers speaking – or influencing you with their sponsorship money. No free umbrellas. No free pens. No free golf balls. No celebs. No gala dinner. No free booze.

Instead you’ll get GOOD, HONEST, PRACTICAL & PROVEN ADVICE that you can take away and implement in your business immediately so that you can knock your clients socks off.

Take control

Our GOAL is to help you create and deliver a service that consistently ACHIEVES a GREAT CLIENT OUTCOME. One that stacks up WITHOUT relying on the one thing you CAN’T CONTROL: the performance of FINANCIAL PRODUCTS.


This event will help you focus. And STAY FOCUSED on what CLIENTS WANT: a service that revolves around THEM, not their MONEY.

Clients will trust you more

If you can demonstrate this, year after year, in an engaging and exciting way, clients will trust you more, PAY you more and REFER you more.

There really is a revolution going on. And you can be part of it. There’s a seat waiting for YOU. BOOK NOW and JOIN hundreds of  LIKE MINDED INSPIRING ADVISERS moving their service to the next level. Guarantee your future and help change the future of Financial Advice, FOREVER.


PS. Remember, the power of association is a fundamental and often overlooked element of your success. At BACK2Y you’ll be rubbing shoulders with hundreds of like-minded, success-driven and committed Advisers at all stages of their journey to success in Financial Planning.