12 09 18
The ICC Birmingham
Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EA

The lifestyle financial planning conference


Johnnie Cass

Johnnie Cass is highly regarded international speaker, trainer and executive coach. For the last 20 years Johnnie has been travelling the globe delivering high impact, powerful

His obsession has been human behaviour, maximising performance and understanding why we do the things we do even when we know we shouldn’t be doing them. He has worked with large Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Johnnies range of content and expertise is both wide and deep as well as diverse, with a background in film, theatre, television, property investing and business strategy he knows the challenges the come with breaking through limited thinking and making bolder, braver decisions.

His sessions are fun, informative and at times hard hitting. Be ready to be inspired and push through your own personal ‘upper limits’