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The ICC Birmingham
Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EA

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Heather Wright

Advance Performance

As one of the founding directors of Advance Performance, Heather Wright has spent over 20 years inspiring people to change their lives for the better in huge and tiny ways.

Heather has spent years studying the psychology of behaviour and influence, how to use it to inspire and motivate individuals, teams and organisations. Heather then converts it to usable, teachable material to change the lives of others. She is a skilled facilitator and an expert on creative thinking and innovation. She uses humour to relax people and has a plethora of tools and techniques which she uses to capture innovation and resourcefulness they didn’t think they possessed.

Heather is a high energy, fun loving presenter.  She can’t resist making people laugh and think deeply at the same time.  Her enjoyable style opens up the minds of even the most hardened cynics and causes people to take a step back and take a look at a different way of thinking.

Heather’s passion for adrenaline fueled sports has calmed down just a little bit in recent years and her desire to complete a base jump off Angel Falls may become more about climbing up and having a picnic to enjoy the view.  However, that doesn’t stop her bungee jumping, cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats, running marathons, completing Tough Mudder/triathlon events and climbing mountains.  She has four black belts in different martial arts so can sort out the baddies in several languages.  These pursuits have now led her to take up yoga so a bit less of kicking others in the head and more of kicking herself in the head.